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NATURAL AND ECOLOGICAL HONEY We are pleased to offer you an exceptionally tasty and healthy product - honey. We work so that every inhabitant of the country and the whole world tastes a piece of the Moldavian sun. h1-rev-img-1 h1-rev-img-2 h1-rev-img-3 h1-rev-img-4 h1-rev-img-5 PRODUCTS Natural and ecological honey in Moldova

Our mission

Do you like honey?

We want every person in the world to admit it. Indeed, how to resist such a tasty and healthy delicacy. We are pleased to offer you an assortment of natural, organic honey produced in the Republic of Moldova. The goal of our company is to bring a spoon of happiness and a jar of health to every home.


Our products

You can always order in our store natural honey, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. The quality of our honey is the recipe to our success.

Impressive quality!

I liked the favorable price and decided to try it, did not regret it. Honey turned out to be the same as sold in one large hypermarket chain. Floral, tasty. Large package, in terms of density - medium, no sediment.

Our Gallery

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the process of collecting and producing natural and organic honey.

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    types of honey

    Below are just some of the types that you can always order on our website.